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Medico-legal Reports

At the ASD Clinic we provide a specialist medico-legal report writing service for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other related conditions.

We provide a high quality medico-legal report writing service in relation to personal injury litigation and medical negligence.

Our team of health care professionals specialise in medico-legal report writing and can act as expert witnesses in:

Why would an individual need a medico-legal report?

We can provide medico-legal reports for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Medical negligence - this may include any injury which has resulted in the claimant having difficulties in carrying out their everyday tasks effectively, communication or physical activity.
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) - this is where the claimant's disabilities/ difficulties may affect their ability to access their education and specialist support is being sought.
  • Information regarding the claimant's past, present and future difficulties in relation to a claim or compensation.
  • Information regarding the cost of any specialist equipment or treatment needed in relation to a claim or compensation.

What will a medico-legal report involve?

A medico-legal report will include the following:

  • A review of the claimant's medical notes.
  • A detailed overview of the claimants past, present and future difficulties and abilities.
  • The claimant's potential for improvement.
  • A detailed assessment of the claimant's abilities to help determine the type and severity of their difficulties.
  • A comprehensive report including assessment results, diagnosis and prognosis of the claimant's difficulties. A medico-legal report will also state any past, present or future treatment needs, recommendations and costing for treatment or any specialist equipment required.
  • Capital and annual costs of specialist equipment

What are the costs of a medico-legal report?

Costing of a medico-legal report will be charged on an hourly basis. Following an initial enquiry, a written quotation will be provided for the initial assessment and medico-legal report. The quotation will include the costing for the document review, initial assessment, plus any travel or preparation costs of the assessment and report.

The cost of a medico-legal report will vary for each client and will be dependent on the location of the client and the time requirements of the assessment and report.

Our therapists can also attend expert meetings, provide additional reports and attend a court hearing if required, this will be charged at an additional hourly rate.

How to instruct our therapists

For all medico-legal reports we require written or emailed instructions to our therapists. The following information should be provided when instructing our therapists.

  • The capacity of the appointment.
  • What services you require from the therapist.
  • The purpose of the report.
  • Issues which need to be addressed in the report.
  • Timescale for completion of the report.
  • Any relevant medical notes.
  • Any witness statements.
  • Any relevant court orders.
  • Schedule of loss.
  • Particulars of claim and defence.
  • The party / parties who are responsible for payment of fees.
  • Any other relevant information.

How long will the report take?

An assessment will usually take place within two weeks of receiving the written instruction; the therapist will then generally provide a report within four weeks of the assessment.

If you would like any more information on our medico-legal report writing service or to book an appointment with one of our specialist therapists please email or call 03300 886 693.

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