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Occupational Therapy for Hyperlexia

Occupational therapy aims to promote independent functioning by reducing the impact of Hyperlexia on aspects of daily living.

The occupational therapist will carry out an initial assessment which will include parent / carer questionnaires and short interviews to help them gain an understanding of how the individual manages within their daily environments. Occupational therapist will also assess the individual’s functioning in differing environments including the school, social and home settings.

Handwriting intervention

OT intervention - balance co-ordination

After an initial assessment the occupational therapist, the individual and / their parent / carer will discuss the different treatment options available depending on the individual's specific needs and abilities. Treatment will be individualised and tailored to the specific needs of the individual with Hyperlexia.

The occupational therapist can offer a range of treatment options; however these will differ depending on the specific needs and requirements of each individual. The occupational therapist may work on the following areas, which an individual with Hyperlexia may experience difficulty with:

  • Sensory integration
  • Daily routines e.g. sleeping, feeding and self-care.
  • Participating in school routines and activities
  • Hand writing
  • Social activities

Utilising strengths of reading and visual abilities will assist in supporting their independence in daily activities. Examples could include providing visual prompts e.g. written time tables or schedules and using simple language to support their understanding of the world around them.

The occupational therapist will provide the individ