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Physiotherapy for Asperger Syndrome

Individuals with Asperger Syndrome commonly have poor motor coordination and difficulty with gross motor skills. These problems can often lead to individuals with Asperger Syndrome not wanting to participate in sports and physical education classes, and causes them to appear physically clumsy.

Physiotherapy for individuals with Asperger Syndrome will focus on gross motor skills including crawling, sitting, rolling, walking and running. For children, as they grow older, physiotherapy may focus on more complex skills including jumping, climbing stairs, throwing and catching skills. These movements are all important for physical development as well as social engagement in play and sports.

Physio intervention - balance

Physio intervention - balance

Physiotherapy will assess and evaluate the individual's physical ability in order to determine the type and severity of any difficulties and what treatment options will help. Physiotherapists will then offer an individualised therapy programme which will be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual. Physiotherapy will offer a range of exercise and therapy programmes which will help to support and improve physical skills, coordination and balance.

Physiotherapists will work closely with educational staff to ensure that there is awareness of any gross motor skill difficulties the individual may be experiencing, as well as providing strategies and techniques on how to manage these difficulties within a school environment.

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