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Physiotherapy for Epilepsy

Physiotherapy may be required for individuals with Epilepsy who have other medical conditions affecting their mobility and is therefore not always specific to Epilepsy.

The physiotherapist will carry out an initial assessment to determine the type and severity of difficulties the individual with Epilepsy is having with their mobility. From the initial assessment and a discussion with the individual and their parents / carer, the physiotherapist will create an individualised treatment programme tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual.

Interventions that Physiotherapists may provide for people with Epilepsy include:

  • Fall prevention programmes - these can help people to identify the cause of falls (seizure and non-seizure related), as well as providing advice on how to reduce the risk of falls.
  • Exercise programmes - research has shown that improved fitness and a greater feeling of wellbeing may help to reduce seizure frequency.
  • Access to wheelchair services, helmets and splints.

Physiotherapists will treat many individuals who have Epilepsy in addition to another condition. Physiotherapists will provide treatment which will help the specific mobility difficulties of the individual.

Physiotherapists work closely with other professionals and parents / carers throughout treatment, ensuring the individual is safe at all times andreceiving effective treatment.

If you feel that physiotherapy would be beneficial and would like to arrange an assessment with one of our physiotherapists please email on 0330 088 6693.