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Psychology is concerned with the study of people and their behaviour. Psychology researches the thoughts and feelings behind peoples' behaviour and how and why people do certain things or act in certain ways.

What is psychology?

Psychology is a profession concerned with the study of people. Psychology looks and researches how people think, act, react and interact. Psychologyspecialises in analysing behaviour and how feelings, thoughts and motivation underlies such behaviour.

What is a psychologist and what do they do?

A psychologist is a professional who looks at and deals with how the mind works. Psychologists can specialise in specific areas of discipline including educational, mental health, occupational and clinical psychology.

How do psychologists treat Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other related conditions?

Psychologists deal with how the mind works, and can specialise in various areas such as; mental health, clinical, educational and occupational psychology.

Psychologists can move in to many different areas of work and will often work in research, counselling, educational, mental health and forensic posts.

Very few psychologists will work with patients and will need to hold higher level degree with clinical experience in order to do so.

Psychologists often work with individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) either working with them and their families for treatment or for research purposes.

The main area of psychology which is beneficial for patients with ASD and their families is clinical psychology.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychologists work with patients with physical or mental health problems and aim to reduce the impact their psychological condition is having on their everyday lives. Clinical psychologists aim to promote an individual's psychological wellbeing.

Clinical psychologists mainly work in social and health care settings and often work with individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, behavioural and learning difficulties.

Clinical psychologists will carry out assessments which include observations, interviews, questionnaires and specialist psychometric assessments. Assessments allow the clinical psychologist to evaluate the individual's behaviour and then devise an appropriate treatment plan which may include direct therapy, advice, support or counselling.


Psychology is concerned with the study of people and how they behave and act in certain ways. Clinical psychologists are trained professionals who are able to assess and treat psychological difficulties experienced by individuals with physical, neur