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Speech and Language Therapy for Hyperlexia

Speech and language therapy is extremely beneficial for individuals with Hyperlexia. It aims to develop and improve communication and social skills.

The therapist will utilise the individual’s strengths i.e. their visual and advance reading abilities, to help develop and support their areas of weakness which may include areas of comprehension and social interaction.

The speech and language therapist will carry out a detailed initial assessment which will help to determine the types of difficulties the individual is having with their speech, language, communication and social interaction and also the severity of these difficulties.

SLT group therapy intervention

SLT group therapy intervention

From the assessment results and discussions with parents / carers, an individualised therapy programme will be devised specifically tailored to their needs and abilities. The treatment programme focusses on the specific needs and abilities of the individual with Hyperlexia.

This could include:

  • Understanding of spoken language
  • Social interaction
  • Higher level language skills
  • Expressive language (spoken and written)

These areas may be worked on using a variety of techniques or treatment methods, which will differ for each individual. The speech and language therapist will focus on using the child's strengths to help support and develop their areas of weakness. Areas of difficulty in communication and social interaction may be worked on using the following strategies:

  • Visual time tables / schedules.
  • Using pictures, photos or Picture Exchange Communication System.
  • Supp