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Occupational Therapy for Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)

Occupational Therapy is aimed at enabling individuals with PDD-NOS to participate in activities of daily living whilst contributing to society and enjoying life. Due to the complexity and wide variety of difficulties individuals with PDD-NOS can experience, all Occupational Therapy interventions need to be individualised and focus on the needs and goals of the individual. It is also important to ensure that parents/carers and families are involved in the planning and delivery of the intervention.

Occupational Therapy is beneficial as it can improve and support several aspects of life of an individual with PDD-NOS. Occupational therapy can teach the individual and also their parents / carers a number of techniques and coping strategies to help the individual be more functional and comfortable on a daily basis. Treatment and interventions performed will be dependent on the specific problems and symptoms each individual with PDD-NOS has.

Below are some of the areas Occupational Therapy may provide help