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What to Expect

At the ASD Clinic our patients, their carers and families can expect to receive the highest quality of service for any difficulties they are experiencing which limit them in their everyday lives.

We commonly accept referrals from a range of sources including self-referrals, parents / carers, educational professionals, health professionals, GP's, case managers and solicitors.

Child completing an initial assessment with therapist

Child completing an initial assessment with therapist

Following an initial referral or enquiry, we will suggest what services we think would benefit the patient the most in helping them to improve and support their everyday living.

Following an initial referral our patientsmay receive:

  • Initial appointment and assessments
  • Individualised treatment plans
  • Advice, support and training
  • Reviews, reports and discharge

Initial appointment and assessment

An initial appointment and assessment will be carried out by one or more of the following professionals:

During the initial appointment our patients will be seen by one of our highly experienced and specialised therapists. We offer a specialised service of joint assessment and therapy sessions for patients who experience difficulties in several areas of development.

An initial appointment will include:

  • A general discussion with the patient and / their parent or carer about the difficulties they are experiencing and what they want to achieve from therapy.
  • A detailed case history of the patient's development and also a medical history.
  • A general observation of the patient's abilities.
  • A thorough assessment to determine what difficulties the patient is experiencing and also the severity of their difficulties.
  • Following an initial assessment and discussion, both the therapist and the patient will decide on what the most appropriate treatment option will be.

An initial appointment can be made at a time and location that is convenient for the patient, we offer appointments in the clinic, home and educational environments. Appointme