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How is Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) Treated?

Due to the variety of symptoms that may be experienced by an individual with PPD-NOS, there is no one standard treatment for it. A thorough initial assessment will be required to assess which treatments and interventions would be most beneficial for the individual with PPD-NOS. The assessment should include:

  • current symptoms experienced
  • behavioural history
  • social ability
  • communication patterns
  • physical difficulties

Treatment for PDD-NOS is highly beneficial, especially if it is received in the pre-school years. The earlier the intervention starts for individuals with PDD-NOS the better the outcome will be for the individual.

Treatment and intervention must be individualised based on the information gathered in the initial assessment, and must be continually re-evaluated to ensure that they are appropriate to the individuals current abilities, age and interests.

There a variety of difficulties experienced by individuals with PDD-NOS across a number of areas of dev