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Occupational Therapy for Asperger Syndrome

Individuals with Asperger Syndrome will often be able to independently function within society, however due to their lack of understanding of social situations, they may often find it difficult to fully participate in daily activities e.g. socialising with others etc. Individuals with Asperger Syndrome may be socially immature and can often been seen as 'odd' by others around them.

Occupational Therapy for individuals with Asperger Syndrome focuses on improving the individuals' functioning at home, in school and within the community. Occupational therapy helps the individual participate in their everyday activities independently and effectively to their highest potential.

Playing connect four - Social skills

Playing connect four - social skills

An initial assessment carried out by the Occupational therapist will use developmental tests, interviews for parents / carers as well as observations and questionnaires in evaluating the individual in their functioning of daily living. There are several specific assessment tools that the occupational therapist may use to assess the individual across their different environments. The occupational therapist will assess the individual in many different aspects of their life, including their functioning in their educational, home and social environments.

From the initial assessment, the occupational therapist will create