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Physiotherapy for Sensory Processing Disorder

Physiotherapists are often involved in the treatment of individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder. Some individuals with this condition will have difficulty executing fine and gross motor skills effectively.

Physiotherapy can help to support, improve and develop any fine or gross motor difficulties experienced as a result of Sensory Processing disorder. The physiotherapist will offer individualised treatment programmes which will be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual.

During the first initial Physiotherapy session, individuals will have their fine and gross motor skills assessed. Any problems or difficulties highlighted here will then be used as the basis of any treatment plans.

Physio intervention - balance/co-ordination

OT intervention - balance co-ordination

The severity of motor problems is normally dependant on the type of Sensory Processing Disorder the individual has. Some children will have disordered balance and core stability, with others experiencing difficulty executing motor planning, organisation, and sequencing. These problems