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Physiotherapy for Dyspraxia

Many individuals with Dyspraxia will experience difficulties in their coordination and motor movements. The effects of Dyspraxia on an individual's motor skills can vary from mild to severe and will affect each individual in different ways.

Physiotherapists commonly treat individuals with Dyspraxia. Physiotherapy is one of the most important interventions for individuals with Dyspraxia; it focuses on increasing and improving motor ability which in turn will help an individual's emotional and social development.

Physio with child - balance/co-ordination

Physio with child - balance/co-ordination

The main goal of physiotherapy will be to develop and improve an individual's strength, coordination and balance of their motor movements.

Our physiotherapists will offer individualised therapy programmes for individuals with dyspraxia which will include an exercise programme to suit their specific needs and abilities.

An initial assessment will help to determine what areas of motor skills have been affected by the Dyspraxia and also the severity of the individual's difficulties. An initial assessment will also help to decide on what the best treatment option will be for the individual with Dyspraxia.

Physiotherapy offers a variety of treatment options for individuals with Dyspraxia; the type of intervention implemented will be dependent on the individual's difficulties and be tailored to their specific needs and abilities.

Physiotherapy for individuals with Dyspraxia may include:

  • Activities which work on posture and balance
  • Activities which work on co-ordination
  • Helping to increase and improve fine motor movements e.g.