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How is Downsyndrome Treated?

There is no cure for Downsyndrome but there are treatment options available for accompanying health problems and support can be offered for learning difficulties. The type and severity of symptoms will be different among individuals with Downsyndrome, some individuals will be able to lead relatively normal and semi-independent lives, whilst others will require full-time care and support.

Due to the large number of associated health complications, regular medical and healthcare check-ups are important throughout the life of an individual with Downsyndrome to ensure that any changes in their health are highlighted, managed and treated as appropriate.

Some medical conditions seen in people with Downsyndrome may require surgery in later life. Problems such as congenital heart disease or intestinal defects may require surgery if severe.

Early intervention is important for individuals with Downsyndrome and their family. Most children with Downsyndrome will be referred to early intervention programmes shortly after birth. Normally early intervention programmes focus on providing support for individuals with Downsyndrome from when they are born until adulthood.

Common interventions for individuals with Down syndrome include:

Interventions will be multidisciplinary in nature and normally include healthcare, education and therapies. It is also vital that parents/carers receive the necessary support and advice to increase their understanding of the condition. Early intervention is very important, as the earlier the child receives help and support, the more independent they are likely to be in the future.

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