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Occupational Therapy Treatment for Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Due to the differences in symptoms and severity of problems, Occupational Therapy treatment will vary greatly amongst individuals with different Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Treatment will always be based around the problems that the individual is experiencing and their specific needs and abilities.

An initial assessment carried out by the occupational therapist will determine the type and severity of difficulties the individual has, and how these difficulties are affecting the individual's ability to function in their everyday tasks. The occupational therapist will use a variety of assessment tools which enable them to identify specific problems with every day functioning, these may include:

  • Parental / carer questionnaires
  • Assessment across a range of environments including the home, school and clinic settings.
  • Risk assessment - to assess how safe the individual is within their environment.
  • Observational assessments to assess the individuals functioning in activities of daily living and adaptive behaviour.

Following an initial assessment the occupational therapist will devise an individualised treatment programme which will address the specifi