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Physiotherapy for Autism

Physiotherapy for Autism will, in general, focus on developing the gross motor skills, such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping etc. These skills may be impaired in some Autistic children as a result of low muscle tone. Problems with gross motor skills and co-ordination can interfere with the child's basic day to day functioning as well as affecting social and physical development.

Physiotherapy exercises - children

Physiotherapy exercises - children

Physiotherapists will use as wide variety of techniques and interventions to help an individual with Autism to gain the most out of their movement. Some of these techniques include:

  • manual therapy
  • therapeutic exercise
  • hippotherapy - therapeutic horseback riding
  • aquatic therapy
  • recreational therapy
  • general play

All treatments will be age appropriate and related to developmental levels. At a young age, the main focus of physiotherapy will be on basic movement skills, including sitting, standing and walking. As the child ages, treatment will focus on more complex movement skills, including jumping, climbing stairs, throwing and catching. These skills are vital for social engagement in sports and general play, as well as physical development.

The physiotherapist will also work closely with the child's parents/carers and teachers to educate them on techniques that can help the child build muscle strength, gross motor and co-ordination skills whilst at home and within a school environment.

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