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Speech and Language Therapy for Asperger Syndrome

Speech and Language Therapy is a key intervention for individuals with Asperger Syndrome to assist with their communication difficulties. Since Speech and Language Therapy aims to improve communication, Speech and Language Therapists play an essential role in the assessment and management of Asperger Syndrome. Difficulties experienced by individuals with Asperger Syndrome are not usually to do with the way they speak and pronounce words, but how they perceive the meaning of other people's speech and also how they then respond to it.

Often very verbal individuals with Asperger Syndrome are likely to misuse and misunderstand language regularly. Although individuals with Asperger Syndrome may not appear to have any speech and language difficulties, they will experience difficulties with their higher levels of language, this will often cause them to be 'socially awkward' and be more susceptible to bullying and teasing at school.

SLT intervention - social skills group

SLT intervention - social skills group

Individuals with Asperger Syndrome will experience difficulties in their non-verbal communication skills and also being able to use social skills appropriately. Speech and language therapy will provide the individual, their family and others involved in their care with the correct support and advice to help the individual communicate and function to their highest potential in their social, educational and home environment