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Music therapy

Music therapy is a therapy which uses music to facilitate positive change in an individual's emotional wellbeing and behaviour.

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is a therapy which uses music and the components of music to enhance the quality of life of individuals with physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Music can be classed as a social activity and involves listening, sharing and communication. Individuals of all ages and abilities are able to respond to sound and music, which forms the basis of this therapy. Music therapistsuse a variety of approaches which will vary depending on the client's specific needs and abilities.

Music plays a key role in our day to day lives. Music can alter and have positive effects on our emotions, mood and behaviour. Music is a powerful tool and can be calming, exciting, joyful and can help us connect with and express our feelings to others.

Music therapy will be delivered by a trained music therapist and will use the many qualities and components of music to create a therapeutic connection. Both the therapist and individual will use a range of available instruments as well as their voices to create a musical language which will reflect the individual's physical and emotional condition.

Music therapy can help a range of conditions and difficulties experienced by individuals including communication, physical and emotional difficulties. Music therapists work with both adults and children and offer therapy on an individual or group basis.

Music therapists work in a variety of setting including schools, hospitals, community centres / clinics and care homes.

The type and number of music therapy sessions given will vary greatly for each individual client. The music therapist will deliver therapy on a theoretical basis which will reflect the specific difficulties, needs and abilities of the client.

Who can benefit from music therapy, how can it help individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders?

Music therapy can be beneficial to individuals of all ages and abilities and can help a range of conditions and problems including:

  • Individuals with learning difficulties
  • Individuals with mental health problems
  • Individuals with communication problems
  • Individuals with behavioural or emotional difficulties

Music therapy can be beneficial for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in helping to support and develop their communication, behavioural and emotional difficulties.

How do I book an appointment for music therapy?

If you feel that music therapy would be beneficial and would like to book an appointment please em