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Joint assessment and treatment

At the ASD Clinic we can provide a joint assessment and treatment service for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Joint assessment and treatment involves a multi-therapist approach i.e. more than one therapist working together during the assessment and treatment of a patient.

What is joint assessment and treatment?

Joint assessment and treatment is assessment or treatment which is carried out by more than one of our therapists. Joint assessment and treatment can be beneficial for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder who experience difficulties in more than one area of development.

Joint therapy session

Joint therapy session

At the ASD Clinic we provide a number of therapy services which often work closely together when treating individuals with ASD. At the ASD Clinic we provide the following therapy services:

A joint assessment will involve two or more therapists working together to assess the individuals abilities in one or more areas of development. This may involve professionals from the same discipline e.g. speech and language therapy, or may involve other professionals e.g. physiotherapists or occupational therapists. Following an initial assessment the professionals involved in the individuals care will make a joint decision on what type of therapy will be beneficial for the individual and whether joint therapy will be effective.

Why would an individual need joint assessment and treatment?

An individual may need joint assessment and treatment if they experience difficulties in more than one area of their development e.g. experiencing difficulties in areas of communication and physical development. Each professional will work closely with other team members in order to ensure the individual receives the best outcome from therapy.

How do I book an appointment for joint assessment and treatment?

To book a joint assessment or treatment session please email office@asdclinic.c