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Physiotherapy Treatment for Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Due to the differences in symptoms and severity of problems, Physiotherapy treatment will vary greatly amongst individuals with Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Treatment will always be based around the problems that the individual is experiencing.

The general aim of physiotherapy for individuals with Pervasive Developmental Disorder will be to improve, support and develop any difficulties with gross / fine motor movements, coordination, balance, or muscle tone.

An initial assessment carried out by the physiotherapist will determine the type and severity of the difficulties the individual with Pervasive Developmental Disorders is having. After an initial assessment and a discussion with the patient and / their parents or carers, the physiotherapist will devise an individualised therapy programme tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual.

Physiotherapy can use a range of treatment problems to support, improve and develop any physical difficulties the patient might have. The type of treatment given will depend on the individual patient and their specific needs and abilities. Physiotherapy treatment for Pervasive Developmental Disorders may involve:

  • Exercise programmes
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Strategies and techniques for the patient and their family
  • Advice and support for the patient, their family and other professionals involved in their care.

Physiotherapy will usually work on developing basic motor skills in young children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders e.g. sitting, rolling, crawling, standing and walking. The physiotherapist will work closely with parents to teach them techniques and strategies which will support their child in developing muscle strength and coordination.

Throughout the child's development Physiotherapy goals will be reviewed and amended to adapt to the child's age, abilities and activities e.g. working on physical activities carried out in school.

Physiotherapy is highly beneficial for individuals with Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Physiotherapy helps to improve, develop and support difficulties with motor skills; this will also benefit the individual to participate in social activities which will develop their social skills.

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