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How is Rett syndrome Treated?

The treatment of Rett syndrome requires a combined, multidisciplinary approach. These services can include symptomatic and supportive medical advice and management; physiotherapy; occupational therapy; speech and language therapy; and educational, social and supportive services.

Treatments provided will depend on the individual and the problems they are experiencing. Some anticonvulsant medications may be administered if the individual experiences seizures.

Another important area to consider is the nutritional status of the patient. Receiving the necessary nutrients and maintaining an adequate weight can lead to improved growth, interaction and attention levels. Therefore it is important that early intervention takes place to ensure the patient is receiving appropriate caloric and nutritional intake. This may include the introduction of a high fat, high calorie diet, often via nasogastric or gastrostomy feeding.

The type of treatment given will be dependent on the type and severity of the difficulties experienced by the individual with Rett syndrome. Treatment will be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the individual. Treatment goals will be guided by the individual's preferences on what they want to achieve from therapy.

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