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What is Hyperlexia?

Hyperlexia is a condition which isdefined by a child having a reading ability which is well advanced for their age and a fascination with numbers or letters. Despite their ability to read at such an advance level, individuals with Hyperlexia will have difficulties in their understanding of spoken language.

Hyperlexia is characterised by:

  • An advanced reading ability in comparison to their same age peers.
  • A fascination with numbers or letters.
  • Difficulties in understanding spoken language.
  • A rote way of learning language e.g. memorising chunks of language.
  • Using memorised / learned chunks in their expressive communication (echolalia).
  • Strong visual and auditory memory.
  • Difficulty initiating conversations.

Hyperlexia is similar to Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and will often be considered as part of the spectrum disorder. Similarly to children with ASD; children with Hyperlexia will also display difficulties in their social interaction. Other similar characteristics include:

  • Ritualistic and obsessive behaviour.
  • Literal thinking.
  • A difficulty in understanding abstract ideas and concepts.
  • Following the normal pattern of development until the age of 18-24 months, then regressing in their skills.
  • Obsessive routines, which are difficult to break.

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