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Occupational Therapy for Fragile X syndrome

Occupational therapy for Fragile X syndrome will aim to maximise the individual's independence in their ability to carry out their daily routines and everyday tasks.

for individuals with Fragile X syndrome; these will differ depending on the specific needs and abilities of the individual with Fragile X syndrome. Common treatment options for individuals with Fragile X syndrome include:

  • Adaptations and alterations to the individual's environment. This can include lighting adjustments, noise reduction, proving quiet or calm environments.
  • Positioning of equipment e.g. seating in regards to postural problems and movement.
  • Writing / drawing ability.
  • Sensory integration therapy.
  • Functional therapy (including fine motor and self-care).
  • Developmental therapy.

The occupational therapist will create goals which are specific to the individual with Fragile X syndrome these may include therapy goals for: movement, calming, oral motor movement and fine motor movement.

The occupational therapist will work closely with other health and educational professionals. The occupational therapist may work with the speech and language therapists when creating oral motor activities; this will help to improve the individual's chewing, swallowing and speaking ability.

The occupational therapist will provide the individual, their parent / carers and educational staff with strategies, support and advice to help the child to function to their best potential in their everyday environments and activities.

If you feel that you would benefit from our occupational therapy service and would like to arrange an assessment with one of our therapists please email or call 0330 088 6693.

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