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Physiotherapy for Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)

The aim of physiotherapy for individuals with PDD-NOS is to maximise their functional ability and develop motor skills to minimise the risk of pain and any associated postural problems. Physiotherapy treatments will be dependent on the problems experienced by the individual with PPD-NOS and treatments will be tailored to suit their specific needs and abilities.

An initial assessment carried out by the physiotherapist will focus on assessing the individual's physical development and specifically assessing their gross and fine motor skills in a range of activities and settings. The initial assessment will help to determine the type and severity of physical difficulties the individual with PDD-NOS is experiencing. Assessment results and a discussion with the individual and their family will also help to decide what the most appropriate treatment option will be and how often therapy will be needed.

Physiotherapy will use a wide range of interventions and treatments to help an individual with PDD-NOS to gain the most out of the