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How is Dyspraxia Diagnosed?

The earlier an individual with Dyspraxia is diagnosed, the greater the chances of improvement are. If Dyspraxia is suspected a health professional e.g. a paediatrician, an occupational therapist, a clinical psychologist, a physiotherapist or a neurologist will conduct a full assessment of the individual.

An assessment normally consists of the following:

  • A detailed account of the child's developmental history and intellectual ability
  • Evaluation of the gross motor skills
  • Evaluation of the fine motor skills

The following criteria are normally used to diagnose Dyspraxia following an assessment:

  • The motor skills are significantly below the level expected for their age and intelligence
  • The lack of skill affects the individual's daily activities and tasks
  • The lack of skill is not caused by any other medical condition
  • If there is also a learning difficulty, the motor skills are below what is expected for an individual with the same learning difficulty

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