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How is Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Treated?

Treatment forChildhood Disintegrative Disorder is very similar to the treatments used for children with Autism. It is important to begin intense interventions as early as possible. In general, most treatment is highly structured and behaviour-based.

Another important part of treatment for Childhood Disintegrative Disorder is the inclusion of educating the parents, so that they are able to support their child's treatments within the home environment.

The needs of the individual will dictate which health professionals become involved in the treatment interventions. Families of a child with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder will often find themselves highly stressed with the disorder taking its toll emotionally on family members. It is therefore important that treatment provided is also supportive in nature for the families involved.

A range of professionals may be involved in the treatment of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, these may include:

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