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How Is Asperger Syndrome Diagnosed?

Early diagnosis and intervention of Asperger Syndrome is essential as many of the difficulties experienced can be alleviated by effective support and management.

If Asperger Syndrome is not diagnosed until adolescence, the individual will need to be supported to help understand the condition, how it may affect their life and providing strategies to help them cope.

Making a diagnosis can be difficult due to the fact the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome will vary greatly between individuals.

The typical route for obtaining a diagnosis is to visit a GP. They can then refer the patient on to other health professionals who will be able to make a formal diagnosis. Most frequently they will be psychiatrists or for children paediatricians.

In order to be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, an individual must show at least two of the following problems:

  • decreased impairment regarding non-verbal social cues - limited eye contact, unable to understand others body language
  • failure to make friends
  • inability to spontaneously share interests and enjoyment with other people
  • lack of appropriate social and emotional responses to others

In addition, the individual must show one of the following behaviours:

  • an abnormal and strong interest in one subject
  • adherence to a strict set of routines and rules
  • repetitive movements
  • obsession in the parts or mechanics of objects

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