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Occupational Therapy for Dyspraxia

Occupational therapy helps individuals with Dyspraxia to function to their highest potential in their everyday activities.

The main goal of occupational therapy is to improve and develop the individual's functional skills which the Dyspraxia may be impacting on. Occupational therapy also aims to increase the individual's ability to carry out daily tasks effectively.

OT intervention - balance/co-ordination

OT intervention - balance/co-ordination

Occupational therapy can offer a variety of treatment options for individuals with Dyspraxia; however the type of treatment implemented will vary depending on how the Dyspraxia is impacting on the individual's daily life and also their specific needs and abilities.

The occupational therapist will carry out an initial assessment which will assess the individual's functional ability across a variety of activities and settings including the home, school, work and social environments. An initial assessment will determine how the Dyspraxia is impacting on the individual's ability to carry out their activities effectively and also the severity of their difficulties.

An initial assessment will also help to decide on what the best treatment option will be for the individual's specific needs and abilities.

Occupational therapy for Dyspraxia may focus on:

  • Adaptations to equipment to help the individual carry out daily tasks more effectively e.g. getting dressed, writing and using the computer.
  • Specific exercises and strategies to help and support the individual with everyday tasks.
  • Advice and support for educational staff to help and support the individual in their academic se