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Physiotherapy for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The aim of Physiotherapy for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder is to maximise their functional ability and develop motor skills to minimise the risk of pain and postural problems.

Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder may appear clumsy and have difficulty with balance and coordination. Many with Autistic Spectrum Disorder may have Dyspraxia, which is characterised by difficulty in planning and performing smooth, coordinated movements.

During the initial assessment, Physiotherapists will observe the movements of the individual with Autistic Spectrum Disorder within different settings, including the home environment, school environment and during play. Standardised tests may also be used to help highlight any problem areas.

Intervention plans will be formulated with the child and their family to ensure that common goals are set to match the needs of all involved. Problem areas highlighted in the initial assessment will be targeted in the following treatment plans.

Physio intervention - balancestanding

SLT - group game - social skills

Often Physiotherapists will