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How is Hyperlexia Diagnosed?

Hyperlexia is diagnosed by a team of medical professionals and will usually be made in early childhood. The main diagnosis of Hyperlexia will be given by a paediatrician.

When making a diagnosis of Hyperlexia the following will be carried out:

  • A detailed assessment in areas of their development including speech, language, physical and psychological assessments.
  • A detailed case history of the child's development.
  • A detailed medical history.

Assessment will be carried out by a team of medical and health professionals which help to rule out any other disorders and make a diagnosis of Hyperlexia. For a diagnosis of Hyperlexia a child will present with the following characteristics.

  • An advanced ability to read words which is above what is expected for their chronological age.
  • A difficulty in understanding language.
  • A rote way of learning expressive language and use of echolalia (repeating learned chunks).
  • Behavioural difficulties.

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